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About Us


One Accord Resources began in 1997 as a coalition of Pentecostal movements that has grown into one the largest Pentecostal curriculum suppliers in the nation. Many years ago, a vision was cast to unite several movements in the planning, production, and promotion of Bible curriculum. After more than 20 years in existence, One Accord is still going strong and providing the highest quality materials on the market. The groups partnering to create, market, and sell One Accord Resources include:

  • Church of God of Prophecy
  • International Pentecostal Holiness Church
  • Church of God

Other movements partnering to sell some of our materials include Assemblies of God and Pentecostal Church of God, among others.


The Pentecostal movements involved in One Accord Resources work together to create fully Pentecostal materials for all ages and in many languages. From the youngest toddler to the most seasoned Christian, One Accord offers something for everyone. And One Accord Resources exists with one specific goal—to create biblically minded, biblically grounded disciples of Christ, one student at a time.


There is a major dilemma facing the church currently—the dilemma of biblical illiteracy. A generation has been raised not knowing the difference between Saul and Paul, David and Jeremiah, or Peter and Joseph. It is our firm conviction that this dilemma is a direct result of churches moving away from planned and balanced curriculum.


Many churches have unfortunately moved away from planned, weekly Bible curriculum that comes to them automatically in the mail each quarter. We have often replaced this content with discussions on recent headlines, popular book studies, or randomly selected Bible lessons. But the outcome of this type of approach has been detrimental to the biblical literacy of this generation.


Not that long ago, nearly every church used Bible curriculum each week in their small group gatherings. The advantage to this approach is what we call “scope and sequence.” Scope and sequence refers to the well-planned and balanced diet of God’s Word our curriculum offers. As students of all age levels move through our curriculum over the years, they receive a full view of the Bible, offering them a balanced understanding of the Bible’s content from cover to cover. This provides a huge advantage over the small groups that simply select a weekly or monthly topic at random to teach.


When teachers randomly select topics with no plan, a student may hear about Abraham and Jesus multiple times while never learning about Joshua or Jonah! It all comes back to scope and sequence, which is exactly where One Accord curriculum thrives. The topics of our lessons are planned years in advance with careful attention to detail, assuring that every student who remains in the program will receive a balanced and thorough diet of God’s Word. It is our prayer, and firm conviction, that this will help shape in each of us a biblical worldview that will frame our current and future decisions and perspectives.


For all these reasons and more, we believe One Accord offers the best Bible resources on the market today. We hope you’ll prayerfully consider joining us in our effort to cure this plague of biblical illiteracy our churches, and our children, are facing. Contact us today to place an order or learn more!