Early Elementary

Kids Discover Why God’s Word is Important to Them!

Grades 1 & 2 | Ages 5-7
Once children reach this age they will be able to starting finding verses and stories from the Bible—and read those for themselves! Teachers will be able to add details to key Bible stories, introduce new ones, teach basic Bible skills, and engage kids in doing what God asks them to do.

HeartShaper Early Elementary Features:

Early Elementary Product Guide
Early Elementary Teacher’s Convenience Kit
Lesson planning becomes easy with this all-in-one convenience pack! Your kit will include Early Elementary Teacher book, Resources, Activities, Teaching Pictures, and 1 set of Weekly Bible Reader®.
Early Elementary Teacher Guide
The lesson guide is user-friendly and includes Quick Steps™ and plenty of activity options. Special-needs-friendly activities are identified in each lesson! Bible skills are integrated as kids actively participate and engage with the Bible stories.
Early Elementary Resources

The multi-sensory teaching tools that you receive with the Early Elementary Resources Guide are a great addition to your weekly lessons, including interactive visuals and downloadable audio tracks and printable files (Bible Memory and Bible skills activities, activity pages, letters to families, special-needs helps, teacher helps, worship time ideas, and more).

Early Elementary Teaching Pictures
Introduce or follow up a Bible story using these large, colorful illustrations of the Bible stories. The Bible story from the lesson is printed in English and Spanish on the back of each full-size picture. Plus 2 sets of 13 bonus teaching picture cards are included with additional suggestions for activities and games. Order 1 per class.
Early Elementary Activities
The full-color activity pages make Bible learning both fun and purposeful as they engage kids in activities and thoughtful discussions! Order 1 per student.
Weekly Bible Reader®
Help kids take the lesson home to share with their families. Each issue includes stories, games, family activity ideas, and daily devotional readings. Great for sharing with friends and sending to kids who are absent too! Order 1 set for every 5 students.